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  • Exclusive Perfume Atomizers by Iconic Connex

    How many times have you wanted to pack your favourite perfume into your handbag, but you just don’t have the space for it? With the Exclusive Perfume Atomizer by Iconic Connex, now you can. Sometimes you have to freshen up at the office, and go straight to an event. You want to change things up a bit by changing your perfume you used in the morning, and now you can easily do so. The atomiser is pocket sized and it easily fits into your small clutch bags.
    With this space saving perfume atomiser, you can carry more than one frangrance with you. You can fill and refill your perfume atomizer with your favourite perfumes. It has an easy to use filling system that allows you to  decant your favourite perfume into the atomizer. This device does not need a funnel, so filling it up is super easy and hassle free. You never have to worry about spills or leaks with the Exclusive Perfume Atomiser. The outside is made up of sturdy aluminum casing that come in 10 fashionalbe shades. It streamlines your packing routine and eliminates any fear of customs officers during your flight trip, whisking away your expensive fragrances. Now you can smell great on the go by carrying one, two, or even three atomisers with you!


    Social Media Links:

    Instagram: exclusive_perfume_atomoisers
    Facebook: @iconicconnex

    Let me know what you think of the perfume atomiser, is it something that will make life easier for you?
    Lots of Love
    Radia x


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