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  • My Environ Skincare Routine

    In my previous post I was chatting about my skin and how I wanted to improve my skincare routine. Here are the products I am currently using and I can definitely see and feel a huge difference. I have combination skin, enlarged pores, dark circles under my eyes and puffiness. Continue reading to get the low down on my Environ Journey and what I think of the products. I will definitely add some more products to my collections and as mentioned before I am super excited to start skin needling at Chantique, as this will just act as a booster for the products I am currently using.
    Step 1:
    Environ B-active Sebuwash Cleansing Gel

    What Environ Says:
    Sebuwash is a pleasantly fragranced mild, low foaming cleansing gel containing tea tress oil. It gently removes excess surface oils and environmental debris without drying out your skin so retains its natural acid balance. This cleanser is suitable for only, blemish-prone and congested skin.
    My Experience:
    This is a really nice cleaning gel and I love the clean smell. It does not foam a lot but that’s fine. My skin feels super clean and refreshed after I use this product. I use it in the morning and evening, massaging it gently into my skin and then rinsing it off after a minute or so. I will go as far as saying that this is one of my favourite Environ Products.
    Step 2:
    Environ Original Range Revitalising Toner

    What Environ Says:
    Environ Revitalising Toner is a mild fruit acid toner whose astringent properties assist in revitalising skin and refining its texture. This Environ Revitalising Toner also helps to remove residual make-up and cleanser, and gently encourages exfoliation. At the same time it restores your skin’s natural pH balance, and enhances its radiance and beauty.
    My Experience:
    Environ Revitalising Toner contains low levels of an Alpha Hydroxy Acid, which in layman’s terms aids in maintaining the PH levels of your skin. Unlike other toners this product does not make my skin feel dry at all. Some days I go without make-up – yes I said no makeup! I only pre-cleanse on the days when I do use makeup. This is my step 2 so I use a small amount of toner  on a facial cotton pad, and allow it to dry before applying my Environ Debut Moisturiser. Although this product is very  mild, if a tingling sensation is experienced, pre-dampen the facial cotton pad to slightly dilute the toner.
    Step 3:
    Environ Ionzyme C-Quence Eye Gel

    What Environ Says:
    C-Quence Eye Gel is a technically advanced, fast-absorbing eye gel containing a variety of specially selected essential vitamins, antioxidants and peptides to assist in improving the appearance of fine lines around your eyes and providing a daily defence against ageing skin by keeping the delicate skin around the eye hydrated and cared for.
    My Experience:
    One of my major skin concerns if not the biggest one is my under eye area. I suffer from dark circles, puffiness and my allergies just makes matters worse. I love that it is an eye gel instead of a cream and the container is very convenient to use. One pump of the airless pump provides more than enough eye gel to do both eyes and if I have any left over product I use it on my forehead. The cloudy white gel is invisible on the skin, has no fragrance, and feels refreshing on the eyes. It is easily absorbed, and makes spreading the product easy. The formula is light yet potent and really helps plump and firm the look of the eye contour, reducing puffiness, eliminating dark circles, and refreshing tired eyes.
    Enviorn Original Range Debut Moisturiser
    Step 4:

    What Environ Says:
    Original Debut Moisturiser is the first level in the Original Vitamin Step-Up System. It’s a light moisturising cream containing a low concentrations of vitamin A which is an essential skin nutrient, as well as vitamins C and E and a combination of antioxidants that assist in cmbatting the harmful effects of free radicals. This moisturiser assists in nourishing skin and in improving the appearance of uneven skin tone and sun damage, leaving skin looking radiantly healthy and beautiful.
    My Experience:
    When I started using this moisturiser my skin was very oily after a few hours, and I was very concerned. Before contacting Yasmine my beauty therapist I decided to do some of my own research online. I was using way to much product on my skin and obviously I had to start out slow. A general rule of thumb of the Environ Skin Care products is that a little goes a long way! Yasmine also advised that my skin will take time to adjust to the new products and she was right! I squeeze a small amount of product onto the palm of my hand and literally make a dot on my forehead, nose, cheeks and chin, then gently massage it into my skin. This moisturiser absorbs very fast and leaves my skin feeling super soft and moisturised. This range does not contain a sunscreen, so after moisturising my face, I apply the Enviorn Rad SPF15 Sun Cream as pictured below.
    Environ Rad SPF15 Sun Cream
    Step 5:

    What Environ Says:
    RAD SPF 15 is a sun protection cream containing sun filters and reflectors to provide SPF 15 sun protection, along with antioxidants, titanium dioxide, beta-carotene and vitamins C and E which help to fight free radicals. It is suitable for all skin types and all ages, including babies older than six months.
    My Experience:
    Most of the moisturisers I previously used usually offered some form of sun protection. My fear was always making my skin way to oily adding more products to my daily routine. This Sun Cream is a great basic. product to apply religiously even if you’re tucked away in the office day in and day out. This sun cream might only have an SPF of 15, but it’s also laced with antioxidants, sun absorbers and reflectors that work in combo to protect skin from the sun. I never leave home without applying this product and it is very light weight and absorbs easily.

    I haven’t been paid or sponsored to write this post, and all products have been paid for by me. I am so happy with my decision to move over to Environ – I feel like I’ve made a really good skincare investment, and I am looking forward to progressing through the Vitamin Step-Up System and seeing what further changes and improvements are in store for me.
    To find out more about other Environ Skin Care ranges, read up here.
    To purchase products or for general info about the range contact Yasmine at Chantique Health and Beauty
    Website: www.chantique.co.za
    Email: yasmine@chantique.co.za
    Cell number: 072 909 7375
    Are any of you using Environ? If so, what are your favourite products?


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