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  • Proudly South African Skincare Brands

    I am super excited to announce that Kudu will be the first brand featured in my proudly South African blog series.

    Just to recap – I will share my opinion on products that I am currently using, and some I would love to test in future. I will give you my honest opinion about all the products I try and hopefully this will help you make an informed decision before spending your hard-earned cash.
    I will test and review quite a few products over the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for part 2 and 3 etc. depending on the number of brands I decide to review. Every new part of the blog series will focus on a different brand, and the products being tested. Skincare bloggers are testing so many products resulting in us rarely actually repurchasing a product. As one item exits, another takes its place to be tested and reviewed. So if a skinare blogger repeatedly purchases a particular skincare product, then it is safe to assume that the product is doing exactly what it said it would.
    Part 1 of the series will be up on the blog by Friday, and as always please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.
    Lots of Love
    Radia x

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