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    I decided to put together a dermaplaning Q&A post for you guys after I had the treatment done at Chantique Health & Beauty. I personally had loads of questions and did thorough research by reading reviews, watching Youtube videos, and most importantly talking to Yasmine before deciding to have the treatment done.
    I find that many people I talk to are against Dermaplaning. I get it! There’s plenty of misinformation floating around about the treatment, and I want to clear a few things up.

    What it is:

    Dermaplaning is a treatment that utilizes a medical-grade scalpel to remove dead skin cells, the vellus hairs on the face, also known as peach fuzz.  revealing smoother, more youthful looking and vibrant skin.
    While many are weary of the term “scalpel,” it is used to scrape (not cut!) across the surface of the skin, and truth is that when performed by a trained professional, the procedure should have very minimal to no discomfort.

    Who it’s for:

    Almost anyone! Dermaplaning is an ideal procedure for all skin types, especially those with dry to oily skin, wrinkling or hyperpigmentation. The removal of dead skin cells helps regulate the skins ability to balance moisture naturally. Furthermore, it reduces the appearance of fine lines and creases, as well as acne scars.  Those with acne, especially deep cystic acne, should consider other options or wait until a breakout is clear. It’s best to consult with a professional before making a decision.

    The benefits:

    Aside from rejuvenating the skin, dermaplaning has two big benefits.
    The first is improving product effectiveness. When you apply products to your skin, dead skin cells create a barrier, making it harder for products to penetrate. Dermaplaning removes that barrier, making your skin more receptive to products. This is also why you often see it paired with other services, like skin needling or a peel.
    The second is hair removal. Soft patches of fine hair on the face, which we typically call peach fuzz, are very common for women and can become more visible when make-up is applied. A dermaplaning treatment removes this type of hair for smooth skin. And, unlike what many believe, the hair WILL NOT grow back thicker or darker. Some even find it grows back finer and less problematic than before.

    Throughout the entire treatment Yasmine explained what she was doing, and how my skin benefits from various procedures and products used. She also explained that the type of hair being removed by this blade will not grow back thicker or darker which was one of my main concerns, as well as others that have used this type of treatment. Immediately after the treatment Yasmine applied a Image Skincare Biomolecular Hydrating Recovery Sheet Mask.
    In addition, dermaplaning doesn’t have any downtime so you can leave the salon and get on with life. After a dermaplaning treatment, you do need to take care of your skin. Very importantly you have to apply sunblock to your skin afterwards because you’re going to be more sensitive to sun. This photo was taken about 1 hour post Dermaplaning, no makeup and no filters used.

    How long does it last:

    The results last 6-8 weeks, and so far I’m loving how much brighter my skin has been, also making my makeup look smoother and flawless. Additionally, I have been enjoying the bare-faced look more often by just sticking to my normal skincare routine. My skin looks so much healthier  since all of the dead skin has been removed.
    So in closing!, will I do it again? A hundred times YES, I am going for a few more peels before summer arrives and that pairs very well with Dermaplaning.
    What are your thoughts about Dermaplaning, and will you have the treatment done?
    Let me know in the comments below.
    Lots of Love
    Radia x


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